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Starboard Wealth Planners is a boutique financial planning firm that focuses on planning and protecting wealth. With roots on the East Coast, our team of financial advisors serve clients across Canada.  We are a relationship driven group of qualified professionals. Recognized both as local business leaders and national thought leaders, our approach to full service financial planning is strategic, intimate, innovative -and even fun. As goal-based planners, we employ a range of strategies to help our professional and business owner clients, including not limited to:

  • Tax efficient income structuring
  • Estate planning
  • Socially responsible (ESG) planning.
  • Philanthropic ventures
  • Business succession planning 

We strive to understand our clients and their unique situations as completely as possible. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate products and strategies with confidence. Our clients are ambitious and goal oriented- appreciating a highly collaborative approach. 

Whether we are retirement planning, structuring insurance in a corporation, or helping steward wealth to the next generation, our clients’ goals and successes are always the drivers of our firms' advice. 

Our experienced team can offer you valuable expertise and insights on:

Financial planning offers many benefits that can help you achieve your financial goals, build wealth, and ultimately attain financial security. Here are some advantages of financial planning:

1. Goal Setting and Clarity: Financial planning helps individuals define their financial goals and objectives. Whether it's saving for retirement, buying a home, funding education, starting a business, or achieving other milestones, financial planning provides a structured framework to articulate and prioritize these goals.

2. Smarter Financial Decision-Making: With a financial plan in place, you can make more informed and effective financial decisions. Financial planning takes into account income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and risk tolerance to develop a holistic approach to managing finances.

3. Cash Flow Management: Financial planning can help you effectively manage cash flow, ensuring that income is appropriately allocated to cover expenses, savings, and investments. By tracking income and expenses, you can identify areas where they can cut costs, reduce debt, or reallocate funds to meet their financial goals.

4. Risk Management and Mitigation: Financial planning includes assessing and mitigating various financial risks, such as unexpected expenses, medical emergencies, disability, or premature death. It involves evaluating insurance coverage, establishing emergency funds, and implementing risk management strategies to protect assets, income, and loved ones.

5. Investment and Wealth Accumulation: Financial planning encompasses investment strategies tailored to your risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon. It helps to identify suitable investment vehicles, diversify portfolios, and optimize investment returns.

6. Tax Optimization: Financial planning includes tax optimization strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax efficiency. It involves utilizing tax-advantaged accounts, understanding deductions and credits, implementing tax-efficient investment strategies, and staying informed about tax laws and regulations.

7. Financial confidence: Financial planning provides individuals with a sense of control, and confidence regarding their financial future.

Financial planning should be personalized, reviewed on a regular basis, and adjusted as your circumstances change. Working with a qualified financial advisor like the team at Starboard Wealth Planners can provide you with valuable guidance, expertise, and a customized approach to financial planning based on your goals.

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